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- A Chest Specialist or a Chest Physician holds expertise in the treatment of Chest Diseases and Lung Diseases like Pneumonia, Asthma, Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis (COPD), Allergic Diseases, Complicated Chest Infections, Sarcoidosis, other Vasculitic Illnesses involving Lungs and many others. A Chest Specialist is also known as a Pulmonologist.
Diseases ailing the lungs are usually quite tricky to diagnose as the symptoms are almost same. It requires the expertise of a Chest Specialist for a proper examination and treatment of Lung Diseases. A Chest Specialist uses various techniques like Chest X-rays, examination of the sputum, pus, etc. and many more to diagnose the Chest Disease. Various Chest Diseases also are of different types, each meriting different procedures of treatment.
Respiratory & Sleep Cure Solutions is one of the top Lung Clinics where a team of experts is led by Dr. Himanshu Garg, a Top Chest Specialist in Gurgaon & Delhi. Visit our clinic for regular Chest Check-ups in world class facilities. Chest Diseases have a tendency of turning terminal towards the later stages. Regular checkups by a Chest Specialist ensure that the diseases are tracked in their early or dormant stages and increase the success rates of treatment.


- Pulmonology is a superspecialised branch of Medicine which involves evaluation and management of the diseases of the lung and the respiratory tract. Pulmonology is also referred to as CHEST MEDICINE and RESPIRATORY MEDICINE Read More


- Asthma can be hereditary but not always; even if you nobody in your family has had Asthma you could still have it. Asthma like many other chronic diseases can be multifactorial.

- This is one of the most commonly asked questions by the parents. Many kids when they achieve adolescence may grow out of Asthma; it’s not completely predictable who will and will not. A good control of Asthma increases the chances of kids growing out of it.

- Contrary to common beliefs food items are very rarely linked to Asthma. The doctors generally are unlikely to impose any dietary restrictions for patients with Asthma. However if you are sure that you have a problem with certain food item you should bring it to the notice of a doctor. Peanuts and sea foods are the only really established allergic food in small sub group of patients.

April 2005 – October 2005

- Inhalers are unique drug delivery devices delivering drugs directly to the lungs; at the site of the problem. The tablets on the hand are absorbed in the stomach and then the drug is metabolized in the liver and through blood eventually reaches the lungs. A very small proportion of the drug taken as a tablet is actually delivered to the lung and thus the dose is about 100 times to that in the inhaler, besides as the drug reaches number of other organs where it is not needed causing no. offside affects. It’s safe for kids to use inhalers and have no addiction potential and they do not mean severe disease.

- Asthma is a chronic disease and can last the life time. It is however an episodic disease where most patients are symptom free for months and have seasonal flare ups. It’s common for the disease to have a waxing and waning pattern where it is severe for some years and other time can be mild. A good control will help to increase you diseases free intervals.

July 2003 - December 2003

- You surely can; in fact many athletes playing competitive sports have Asthma and they can learn to manage their disease so can you. Your Asthma management plan will help you deal with this.

- Asthma can also manifest as chronic cough, this is called cough variant asthma. Cough syrups will not treat this condition and proper evaluation and treatment needs to be done by the specialist.

- Untreated Asthma is likely to progress with time. The airways tend to loose distentibilty and become fixed and start behaving as COPD (smoker’s lung). A good control of Asthma is your best bet to prevent progression of your Asthma

-- Changing places is not likely to improve Asthma. Asthma is a global problem even in the cleanest countries/environment. However it’s important to ensure your home is clean not damp.

- You should try and identify triggers and avoid the same. Avoid dusty environments, strong smells and protect yourself against cold. Avoid cold drinks, ice cream and anything cold. Pets should be avoided. The bedding should be regularly washed properly and including the any blankets. Mattresses and pillows should be covered. Hypo-allergic beddings are also available however can be expensive and may not necessarily help.

-- Wearing a mask is not recommended for general public and will protect against Asthma. However if you any professional exposure like factory workers, construction workers, traffic police etc. should wear proper masks.

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