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Lung Cure - Caring For Your Breath

Respiratory & Sleep Cure Solutions is a comprehensive Lung Treatment Center with a panel of qualified Respiratory Doctors in Gurgaon & Delhi. We have specialized clinics, with world class facilities, which also focus on Quit Smoking and Sleep Disorders.

We are well-known for providing fast and effective treatment of diseases affecting the lungs and respiratory system. Our Respiratory Doctors take care of the entire gamut of acute and chronic pulmonary diseases like Pneumonia, Asthma, Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis (COPD), Allergic Diseases, Complicated Chest Infections, Sarcoidosis, other Vasculitic Illnesses involving Lungs and many others.

Respiratory & Sleep Cure Solutions was founded by renowned Lung Specialist & Sleep Physician, Dr. Himanshu Garg. Under his expert guidance, our team of Respiratory Doctors provides complete solutions to lung ailments. We are a popular name in the field of treatment and prevention of all types of chronic respiratory diseases, breathing problems and sleep disorders. Together with our team of experienced physicians and nursing, technical & support staff, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest evidence based medical care, personalised one-on-one treatment and leading expertise in the field of respiratory and sleep medicine.


Wonderful Doctor for lung problems.

Excellent Chest Specialist with ability to connect well and allay apprehensions.

Thank you Dr.Garg for your care, suggestions & kindness. You had helped me through a frustrating battle of Insomnia, where I felt abandoned, depressed and exhausted. You gave me a hope.

Dr Garg is all the good adjectives; knowledgeable, competent, professional, helpful. I went to see him for a lung problem.

Professional, Passionate and great Sleep Physician. Highly recommended..!!

Excellent Respiratory Physician with great knowledge of the field. Dr Garg explained everything in such detail I felt much better about my diagnosis afterwards. I really could not speak more highly of a Respiratory Doctor in Gurgaon. Thank you.

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